Financial Management Consulting Services

In addition to our analytical services, Sycamore offers managerial assistance to state and local government entities looking to expand operations or improve their fiscal health. Our extensive government experience allows us to successfully navigate the complex political environment while adhering to strict fiscal principles.

  • Financial Capability Assessment

    Sycamore had a key role in developing a Financial Capability Assessment (FCA), a document that must be updated and submitted to EPA every five years illustrating the financial burden of the Consent Decree on the average rate payer. Sycamore is largely responsible for establishing the economic and financing assumptions behind the rate model, which requires extensive knowledge of the client’s expense and revenue streams as well as market conditions, local demographics, and the cost of capital. To carefully document and support these assumptions, Sycamore drafted four technical memos detailing the most central of these assumptions, as well as multiple sensitivity analyses to help the client understand how changes in key variables affect the outcome. Sycamore’s attention to detail and thorough analysis contribute to its client's ability to reduce the overall financial burden to its rate-payers.

  • Feasibility and Economic Impact Analysis

    An Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) fundamentally addresses how an economy is likely to change as a result of a policy, program, project, or activity. The objective of an EIA is to count money spent, taxes paid, and jobs created as a benefit of undertaking an activity. Sometimes, EIAs also count tangible user benefits. The analyses are typically measured in terms of change in growth, and changes in jobs and income within the economic area. Sycamore can assist communities in developing economic and feasibility studies, which are tools used to quantify and measure the impact and net economic benefits of undertaking certain infrastructure or development projects.

  • Billing Anomalies

    Sycamore has also provided essential support to clients’ ongoing efforts to investigate billing and collection anomalies to ensure that all revenue owed to the utility is identified, properly billed, and collected. Sycamore began by developing historical data on collections and billing data by customer type. Working with Engineering staff, we were able to identify and map out areas of possible billing anomalies in the service territory and prioritize tasks. Sycamore was able to assist one client in identifying over $2 million in fees for accounts that were not being appropriately billed for services.

  • Pension Evaluation

    As a former advisor to large public and private pension funds, and later as the Governor’s advisor on the transition of the $15 Billion in state public pension funds from a 100% fixed income portfolio to a balanced global asset allocation strategy, Sycamore has extensive experience in understanding and evaluating pension issues. Working with the client’s actuary, Sycamore performed an experience study for a governmental entity, evaluating several years of pension and actuarial data to determine factors, including possible database errors, contributing to fluctuations in its funded status and Annual Required Contributions.

Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding our services. We look forward to the opportunity to design a custom scope of work depending on your specific needs.